Garage Door Repair and Service, Ken Caryl CO

Ken Caryl’s Best Value in Garage Door Sales and Service

Ken Caryl, Colorado is a beautiful city at the base of the Rocky Mountains. The town boasts of thriving businesses, inviting parks and a variety of entertainment for the whole family, including amateur theater. Ken Caryl summers are beautiful without the stifling heat of the plains states, ranging in the 80s. Winter lows can drop into the teens.

Help for Your Garage Door

Constant use of garage doors causes wear and tear on the mechanical parts of the door, including screws, springs, chains and more. Weather also plays a part in the longevity of a door to the garage. Regular maintenance and repair by the professionals at Mile High Garage Door Sales & Repair also plays a part in how long the door to your garage door will function smoothly.

Mile High Garage Professional Services

With regular use, a door will need maintenance. A chain might slip, screws loosen up and springs stretch. The tension shifts with weather changes from cold to hot and back again, creating doors that may stick, warp or refuse to open. After a hard day at work or a tiring vacation, it is frustrating to return home only to be met with a door at the end of the drive that simply refusing to respond to the command to open.

Mile High is Service-Oriented

Mile High Garage understands the frustration. Their number one goal is service that gains them high customer approval and satisfaction. Mile High specializes in all things that pertain to installing, maintaining and repairing the door to your garage, including door openers.

Mile High Standards

Mile High Garage is locally owned and operated, which means they work with friends and neighbors as well as other customers who become regulars due to the quick, efficient and quality service. The company uses only quality products when installing doors or openers and in all parts used when repairing or maintaining a door. Standards are high for staff and technicians, with all expected to adhere to the integrity implied in following the “Golden Rule.” Mile High strives to be fair, honest and trustworthy in all their dealings.


Mile High Garage is regularly open from 7 am to 8 pm all week long. We are also available on an emergency basis after hours. Mile High Garage is the place for your garage door needs. If you are in the Denver Metro area, call us today, to learn more about our services, or get upfront pricing.