Garage Door Service and Repair, Evergreen CO

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Your garage is a part of your home that usually doesn’t get much of your attention until something malfunctions or you outgrow the space. Whether you’ve driven through your closed garage door, experienced wind damage or have a broken spring or cable, you’ll need to call on a repair or installation company in Evergreen.

Garage Door Repairs

Repairs can be as basic as replacing damaged panels or windows to installing new cables or torsion springs as well as maintaining the opener or its remote. While the repairs are often straightforward, the jobs can take tools and experience that most homeowners don’t have. There are instances in which you could seriously injure yourself if you attempt to fix the problem. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire an expert.

Simple Roller Maintenance

Some of the more typical problems that arise due to normal wear and tear on the door include worn rollers and hinges that help it open and close quietly and efficiently. Rollers that are worn out squeak or squeal as they operate. The hinges that connect the panels of the door, allowing them to glide up and down as the door is opened or closed, can rust or wear out, leading to very noisy operation. A qualified repair company can easily alleviate these problems.

More Complicated Repairs

Replacing worn or malfunctioning springs or cables are two difficult jobs that should be handled by a qualified company in Evergreen. The springs and cables are both high-tension products and can seriously injure you if you don’t know how to work with them. Cables can easily cut you if they start whipping about in an uncontrolled manner, while high-tension springs become dangerous projectiles if they are suddenly released. Experienced garage personnel know how to safely make the necessary repairs.

Electrical Repairs

If the garage door suddenly won’t open or close, the problem might be in the opener itself or the remote you use to open and close the door. The remote batteries are dead or something could be blocking the safety sensors common in newer garage openers that detect the presence of an object in the path of the sensors. Electrical problems or sensor issues are best handled by a company that has the tools needed to diagnose and repair the problems.

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