Garage Door Repair

At Mile High Garage Doors, we understand that when it comes to repairing something as important as your garage door, experience is key. As such, Metro Denver customers have recognized us as a one-stop-shop for all of their garage door repair needs. Whatever your need, big or small, getting help is as simple as making a call to Mile High Garage Doors. Our specialists carry most parts on their trucks, to guarantee that they can make all of the necessary repairs, in just one visit to your home. We also understand that some garage door problems are more dangerous than others, and in those situations, we make sure that priority is given to customers in dire need of immediate repairs.

Garage Door Repair Services

We service garage doors all around the Denver metro area! Most repairs fall under the following categories, and are all issues that Mile High Garage Doors can take care of. If you are experiencing any of the following issues, we can help!
  • Broken Springs
  • Damaged Tracks and Rollers
  • Stuck/Off-Track Doors
  • Doors That Won’t Open or Close
  • Worn Out Weather Stripping
  • Panel/Section Replacement
  • Broken or Frayed Cables
  • Distorted or Bent Garage Doors
  • Opener Issues – Travel Settings
  • Opener Issues – Sensor Eyes
  • Opener Issues – Broken Gears
  • Broken Garage Door Hinges/Hardware
  • Garage Door Remote and Keypad Issues
  • Noisy/Loud Garage Doors


You can depend on the professionals at Mile High Garage Doors! From the customer service representative that takes your call, to the experienced, professional and friendly technicians that arrive at your home. You can be sure, when you choose Mile High Garage Doors for the job, that you will be 100% happy you did! Call us today at (303) 908-1290, for a FREE Estimate!