Garage Door Repair and Service, Frederick CO

Fredrick’s Top Value in Garage Door Sales, Installation and Service

At Mile High Garage, we know that your garage door is a very complex system that includes a number of electronic and mechanical components. Ensuring that your door operates smoothly requires routine maintenance, and regular repairs are essential over time. We want to be your source for Fredrick door installation, service and repairs, and our skilled technicians make sure that you get the prompt service and quality work that you expect.

Garage Door Repair

Mile High Garage’s technicians are fully capable of diagnosing and repairing any problems that you may have with your home’s garage door. We understand that you want fast service, and our trucks are fully equipped with the tools and equipment that give you a prompt project completion. Whether you are interested in a routine maintenance inspection or have a pressing problem that keeps your door from closing, we can help. We also are fully equipped to repair any damaged panels that your door may have. As part of our services, we’ll quickly remove panels that have been compromised as a result of flying debris or high winds.

Garage Door Opener

If you are looking for quality openers or service, we sell and repair the leading brands. We understand that technology changes over time, and our skilled technicians can quickly analyze your old opener and make sure that you have access to the newest technology, like wireless models.

New Garage Door

When you are building your dream home or simply improving your existing property, you need a new door that meets your home’s exterior facade and offers security and functionality. We understand the issues that confront a new door purchase, and we will give you the options that enhance your home. We also make sure that our installations are done by our expert technicians who work hard to exceed your expectations.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mile High Garage is a proud member of the Fredrick business community, and we take our reputation seriously. For this reason, we are always ready to offer you a no-obligation estimate, and our team will quickly respond to your needs. Our prompt, punctual staff gives you a realistic assessment of your situation, and we never rely on up charges.

If you are in the Denver Metro area, call us today, to learn more about our services, or get upfront pricing.