Franktown, CO – Garage Door Service & Repair

Franktown’s Affordable Garage Doors, Repairs and Openers

Mile High Garage knows the worth of your garage, and we know that issues oblige a speedy response. It doesn’t matter if your door is slow, doesn’t close the right way, or is outdated. we are equipped with the talented professionals that can quickly explore any issues and give you the most convenient answer to any issue your garage may have.

Garage Door Repair

Mile High Garage is significantly experienced in the majority of mishaps that can bring about issues with your garage door, and we always look at the springs, tighten up, and check that tracks are in the correct position. In case your panel door is harmed in a storm, we can quickly replace it. We have the capabilities to make sure it looks the same as your original door.

Garage Door Openers

We are happy to offer you a broad mixture of door openers, and we stock models that are created by the best of the best. We service what we offer, and we enjoy ensuring that your property is secured with the latest system that is accessible. If you happen to have an old fashioned opener or one that does not work properly, you can upgrade for cheap. Not only do we have wireless remotes, but we keep the best, newest technology.

New Garage Doors

In the event that you’re building a house or need to redesign your garage, our new doors add quality and utility to your home. We have a wide array in stock at all times, and we can ensure that the installment is carried out on time, with close attention paid to the quality.

Spring Replacement

To fix a spring yourself is too difficult and too dangerous. Spring repairs that are done wrong may cause the openers or the doors to be in bad shape. There’s also a huge probability of injury for the repairmen involved. The good news is that we have plenty of knowledgeable experts that can replace your spring with ease.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mile High is delighted to help Franktown tenants, and we know our part in making the community better is crucial. Due to our dedication to your establishment, we provide no-obligation estimates. We can also respond to any of your requests in a timely manner. Our educated experts are highly competent and concise, and we won’t attempt to upwell you when a small repair is enough.

If you are in Franktown, call us today, to get more information.