Broken Springs

If your garage door won’t open, the problem could be a broken spring. Broken Springs are the most common issue that we get calls for. We’ve seen them last anywhere from a few years, to a decade or longer! One of the main reasons they break is simply that they’ve reached the end of their “life span”. Torsion Springs are rated for a specific number of uses, and the more you open and close your garage door, the quicker you use up your uses! Make sense! So if you discover that you have a broken spring, here is what you do…1) Call Mile High Garage Doors to get an appointment set up. We will get to you as quickly as possible, replace your springs, and you’ll be back in business! 2) While you are waiting for us to arrive, you can try and get your garage door open yourself, to save any cars that are trapped inside! Just pull the emergency release cord on your opener (usually a red cord), to disengage the opener from the door, allowing you to open it manually!

High Quality Springs

At Mile High Garage Doors, we carry high-quality garage door springs that are priced to fit your budget and designed to last. Our springs can handle the load of the heaviest garage doors, and will provide you with years of reliable service. In addition to providing you with the best springs available, we also make sure that the door is balanced and that the opener is working properly with the new springs.

Safe and Efficient Service

Garage door springs are under an incredible amount of tension, so it’s highly recommended that you let the professionals replace a broken spring. Trying to remove a spring that’s still under pressure is dangerous, and can lead to serious injury if you aren’t careful. Likewise, installing the spring incorrectly can damage the door or cause an accident. We understand that you’re in a hurry to get your garage door working again, and you can count on the professionals at Mile High Garage Doors for a fast response and prompt service. We want to keep your family and our technicians safe, and we have all the equipment necessary to replace the springs quickly and safely.

Spring Replacement Process

  • Replacing Both Springs Garage doors are typically installed with 2 springs at once. If one of your garage door’s springs happen to break, it is likely that the other is coming to the end of its life cycle as well. We will inspect your garage door to determine whether a broken spring is the problem. If so, our technicians will recommend replacing both springs.
  • Choosing the Correct Springs Garage doors come in all styles, sizes, and weights, and Mile High Garage Doors technicians are trained to install the spring that is best suited for your door, given its size, weight etc. After installing the new garage door springs, our technicians will verify the right springs have been used by performing a balance test.
  • Safety Matters to Us Mile High Garage Doors understands the importance of safety for you and your family. After doing a balance test, our technicians will provide a safety inspection to ensure everything is working as it should, FREE of charge.