Arvada, CO – Garage Door Service & Repair

Arvada’s Affordable Garage Doors, Repairs and Openers

Arvada residents: it’s time to take charge of your garage doors and get them back to looking great again! Our technicians at Mile High Garage can help. We provide you with top-notch repair, replacement, inspections and installations to give you the best quality service around. We have all the latest state-of-the-art openers as well as a beautiful selection of new garage doors. We are also proud to stock thousands of parts you may need for your garage door repair job.

Garage Door Repair

When it comes to Arvada garage door repair, we are the best in the area. Period. Our technicians have extensive training and on-the-job education gleaned from years of experience fixing all sorts of garage doors. With that experience comes prompt attention to detail that is unmatched anywhere else. Our repair services range from misaligned cables to track alignment problems to broken springs.

Garage Door Openers

We don’t just sell garage door openers. We also service them. This means we have vast product knowledge when it comes to our openers as well as the remotes that go with them. Sometimes these motorized devices fail to properly open and close the garage doors, most likely due to a mechanical malfunction. We can address any issue you may be having with your opener and get you back to normal again.

New Garage Doors

If you’re putting on a new addition to your home or simply switching out your old door, we’ve got an excellent selection of doors in a variety of styles and colors. We know the abuse garage doors can take whether from heavy winds and debris or an errant baseball thrown the wrong way. We have strong steel, fiberglass and wood doors to choose from, all of which can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Spring Replacement

When springs fail, they can become a safety hazard for occupants of the home. Springs form the basis for the entire unit. When they fail to work properly, the door will not open and shut correctly. Choose our springs for their ability to handle the load of even the heaviest of garage doors, with many years of dependable service to come.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get peace of mind with our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. We want to be sure you’re happy with any job we do. Trust our technicians to perform your garage door project quickly, efficiently and affordable.