Steel or Wood Garage Door?

Are you thinking about purchasing a wood garage door for your home because you love the look and the warmth that it brings to your home’s exterior? A wood garage door can definitely make a statement and turn your home’s curb appeal up a few notches! But did you know that there are steel garage doors that mimic the look of wood, but without the upkeep!

Wood garage doors, while beautiful, require some maintenance; such as cleaning the door a couple of times a year to keep it looking it’s best and to make sealing and re-staining the door, another job that will need to be done every 3 to 5 years, easier. Cleaning, sealing and staining your door might sound like a pretty simple process, but it can be quite time consuming. Especially if you have more than one garage door.

Faux Wood Steel Garage Doors are a great alternative if you would like the look of wood, without the maintenance! No, they are not the “real thing”, but they are a good compromise from the plain white garage doors you see everywhere, and the expensive, natural wood garage doors. Yes, I said expensive, because wood garage doors are typically 3 to 4 times more expensive than faux wood steel garage doors. So if you would like the look of wood, without breaking the bank, and without all of the upkeep that wood doors require, then let us show you what we have to offer! Below are some examples of the look that you can expect!

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