Pros and Cons of Garage Door Windows

Installing modern garage doors adds both value and refinement to any home or business, and garage door windows are an option that many property owners consider when looking for a new door. Before you make a decision, you should know about the pros and cons of garage door windows.


Natural Lighting

The harsh glare of overhead lamps isn’t always what you want to encounter when searching for items in your garage. And most often, the lighting is still too dim to see much of anything. Garage doors with windows allow home and business owners to bring in some natural light, allowing your garage to be a bit more welcoming and easier to navigate!

Superior Aesthetics

Windows help to break up the monotonous pattern of solid panels and add interest to an otherwise dull garage door.As long as the windows themselves match the overall design scheme of the property, garage door windows can really enhance the overall look of the garage door, and really help to “tie-in” the overall look of the entire home.

Higher Property Values

New, updated garage doors can easily boost curb appeal and result in a surprising increase in the value of a home when they’re installed properly and compliment the homes design. Windows in garage doors are seen as an added perk and give doors a higher resale value.


More Potential for Damage

It’s a given that exterior glass is a likely place for property damage to occur in the event of bad weather or a stray ball! The good news is that the kinds of windows found in garage doors are pretty easy to replace. Unlike a dented panel, which would require replacing the entire panel, rather than one piece of glass. You can also get tempered glass which is about 4 times stronger than regular glass, and if broken, shatters into small, relatively harmless pieces.

Potential Security Risk

“Fishing”, is where a crook pushes the door inward to create a gap at the top, and can then insert a wire hook and fish for the emergency release handle on your garage door opener. A garage door isn’t exactly easy to get unlocked, and in some situations it’s almost impossible. Some openers, for example, have a release mechanism that must be pulled straight down and won’t release if the cord is tugged at an angle toward the door. While others might be a bit easier to fish, especially if your garage door has a window that allows the crook to see what he’s doing. However, you can fix that problem by adding tinted or obscured glass.

Increased Maintenance

For the most part, cleaning garage doors with windows takes a little more time and care than scrubbing down windowless doors. But let’s be real, does anyone really “scrub down” their garage door? Just spray the whole thing with a hose and call it good!

Lower Energy Efficiency

Due to the thermal characteristics of glass, garage doors with windows experience greater heat loss during the colder months. If you heat your garage over the winter, having windows in your garage door may raise your utility bill somewhat.


Those are the basic pros and cons of garage door windows. Whether or not windows in your garage door are a good idea depends heavily on your specific situation. Contacting a qualified garage door company, like Mile High Garage Doors, for expert advice, is the best way to ensure a satisfactory outcome!