LiftMaster 195LM Ceiling Mount Kit

Your garage is one of the largest rooms in your house, and as such, deserves an upgrade every now and again. No one likes the look of a dingy, cluttered garage. This includes the ceiling, which often suspends garage door openers from unattractive-looking wires and coils. LiftMaster, one of America’s premier manufacturers of garage door openers, has a brand new product that could change all that. The LiftMaster 195LM Ceiling Mount Kit!

The LiftMaster 195LM Ceiling Mount Kit revolutionizes the appearance of your garage. This simple yet ingenious apparatus conceals wires and coils, giving your garage the sleek, polished look you have always wanted. It has a coated black finish, making it a good color match to any garage’s paint job. It also mounts vertically or horizontally depending on your space and joint layout.

When you mount it horizontally, it is 16 inches in the center; and when you mount it vertically, it is 24 inches in the center. It also has an adjustable height that fits most garage ceilings. The height is adjustable anywhere between six-and-one-half inches and 24 inches. It has a length of 35.1 inches, a width of 10.4 inches and a height of 4.4 inches. It weighs 10 pounds.

The LiftMaster 195LM Ceiling Mount Kit is an easy, fantastic way to give your garage a clean, upgraded look that is worthy of the rest of your home. Furthermore, LiftMaster offers a number of accessories to complement your new Ceiling Mount Kit. It comes with an optional Adjustable Door Bracket with a white powder finish to match your garage door. Creating a cohesive look. The LiftMaster Internet Gateway includes accessories to help you operate your garage door by connecting your MyQ-enabled garage door opener to the Internet. Also, be sure to ask your installer about wireless keyless entry which allows you to immediately open your garage door with a unique 4-digit code.

Discover what LiftMaster’s 195LM Ceiling Mount Kit can do for you. It is an easy way to update the look of your garage and add a touch of sophistication to your home!