Keys To a Clutter Free Garage



Over time, it is easy for items to build up in your garage. With the right organization, you can transform your messy room into a clutter-free garage. Use these tips to get everything back in order again. 

Focus on the Project 

will take time to transform this space into a clutter-free garage. Make sure that you set aside at least one day to work entirely on organizing your items. Ideally, schedule two days in a row where you can focus on getting rid of old items and finding a new organization system. If you can, get family members involved so that you do not have to tackle the project on your own. 

Organizing Your Items 

Initially, go through your garage and categorize your items. Place seasonal decor, camping gear, recycling and other items in specific sections. You can store some items in another location like a storage container if you need extra space. 

Get Rid of Items 

If you want a clutter-free garage, you will have to get rid of some items. Toss any items that do not fit into a specific category. Likewise, you should get rid of anything that you have not used for the last year or longer. 

Designing Your Space 

For the best organization, you need to maximize your garage space. Create a layout for where you want each category to go. If you do not have cabinets or storage containers, install them in your garage now. This will help to hide the clutter and make it easier to find things in the future. You can also use wire grids or peg boards to store tools and other items. Sturdy shelves can be used to maximize the amount of storage space you have in the garage. 

Create a Schedule 

Once you have a clutter-free garage, your next step is to make sure that the space remains clean. Set a goal of organizing your garage every three to six months. Make sure to write this date on your calendar so that you do not forget about it. In between these times, you can make regular trips to thrift stores to donate unnecessary belongings. This will make it easier in the future to organize and clean the room. 

Organization is the key to cleaning up your home. Installing cabinets, getting rid of old items and using shelves will help you to keep your home organized.