Saving Your Family from Garage Door Accidents

Thanks to new features, garage door safety has improved, but garage doors can still cause serious injuries. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 20,000 Americans are hurt by overhead doors each year. About 15 percent of these accidents involve children. The weight of a garage door, combined with the moving parts, increases the risk for serious injuries. Pinch and crush injuries are the most common. Accidents can also happen when the door falls suddenly or when someone tries to slip under the door before it closes.


Checking the Safety Features

All garage doors installed after 1993 have auto-reversing features. The electric eye detects obstructions and prevents the door from closing if someone or something is in the way. The sensor and reflector should be cleaned and inspected regularly to increase garage door safety. The opener’s auto-reversing mechanism should also be tested. Some folks place a roll of paper towels under the door to make sure that it reverses as soon as it touches the obstruction. If the roll is crushed, the system could cause a garage door injury.

Performing Monthly Inspections

Your garage door should be checked monthly to make sure that all of the parts are functioning properly. It only takes a few minutes to open and close the door while checking for potential problems. Listen for unusual noises, and make sure that the door is opening and closing at its normal speed. This is a good time to inspect the cables, rollers and springs for damage. Broken springs and maintenance issues could put you and your family at risk for a garage door injury.

Being a Good Role Model

Setting a good example is the best way to protect your children from a potential garage door injury. Teach children to stay away from garage doors, especially when they’re moving. Explain the importance of garage door safety. Remind them not to play with the door. Keep remotes away from children, and make sure that the switches are mounted out of their reach. Never duck under the door while it’s moving. Children will copy your behavior, which can put them at risk.

Understanding Other Garage Door Safety Features

If someone is ever trapped under the door, you will need to lift it manually. Familiarize yourself with the emergency pull rope. If this rope is missing, damaged or frayed, it should be repaired immediately. Pulling the emergency release lets you raise and lower the door manually. This feature allows you to get your car out of the garage during a power outage. It can also prevent a garage door injury.

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