Garage Door Repair And Maintenance Tips

Replacing your garage door can cost a lot of money. That is why you will need to keep it in top shape. Regular maintenance will ensure that your garage door operates smoothly and safely. Your garage door should be maintained and inspected at least once a year. Below are some tips for maintaining your garage door:


Check Your Spring

The spring should be lightly lubricated or wet. It will clump if it is dried out, and this can cause a jam in your system.

Track Maintenance

One should not spray any lubricant to the garage door track when the garage door becomes noisy or perhaps sticky. The lubricant will not contribute to the proper functioning of the track of a garage door. Lubricants can even initiate the collection of particulate matter that will eventually harden and can complicate the function of the garage door.

Instead of lubricating the garage door track, this must be cleaned thoroughly. Proper cleaning of the track of a garage door will involve simply wiping the inside portion of the track with the use of a damp cloth. After doing this, wipe it off with a dry cloth. If there is a need to use a solution to remove any sticky residue on the track, WD 40 lubricant may be utilized.

Lubricate The Rollers

You should use engine oil to lubricate the rollers. Grease should not be used because it collects debris and hair. Put a drop of engine oil on every roller. You should also lubricate the garage door hinges and any bearings.

Inspect The Cables

The cables will need to be inspected for fraying. You also need to make sure that the springs are connected and tight.

Testing Your Garage Door

In order to ensure that your garage door is working properly, you will need to test it at least once every two months. You can test the sensitivity of the door by placing a two by four in its opening. After that, you will need to close it. The door should bounce back or return on contact. If it does not, then the force needs to be reduced. This adjustment is typically found on the back of the housing. The humidity and temperature affect the door weight. During the spring months, the door may require a force of four. A force of five may be required during the winter months.

Pinpointing The Signs Of A Problem

If you notice a hissing, scraping or grinding sound, then that is probably an indication that something is wrong with your garage door. It is best to call a professional to take a look at the garage door and see if there are any problems.

How Does Temperature Affect Your Garage Door?

Your garage door typically is not affected by hot weather. However, it may be affected by extreme cold. Many garage door companies notice that they get more service calls during the cold months.

How Long Do Garage Door Springs Typically Last?

Garage door springs are designed to last for about 10,000 cycles. The amount of time that your garage door springs lasts is largely dependent upon the number of times that the door is closed and opened.