I just got a new car, how do I program it to my garage door opener?

Many people have problems programming their car to operate their garage door opener. Sometimes this is because the car was purchased used, so no owner’s manual was included with it. Sometimes a manual comes with the car, but the owner does not understand it. Whatever the case may be, the programming of a garage door opener is not a difficult task. Generally, if will only take you 10 minutes at the most to set everything up. This is provided that you carefully follow every instruction given to you. If you have someone helping you, the process will go a lot easier.


In order for you to have the best chance of successfully programming your car to operate your garage door opener correctly, your in-car transmitter, handheld transmitter and receiver must all be functioning properly. Most cars require that the garage door opener operate on a frequency in the range of 288-433 MHz. The back of the handheld transmitter will most likely list the frequency of the unit.

Programming Opener Process

During the process of programming your car to activate your garage door opener, you will need to be able to lift and lower the garage door. Therefore, keep all of your pets and children away from the door during this time to ensure that no injuries happen. When you are ready to start, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Take a fresh battery and install it in the handheld transmitter. If you do not know the age of the battery in the transmitter, put in a new one.

2. Turn your key to the setting for accessory (ACC) prior to starting to program your garage door opener.

3. Press the buttons that are on the outer part of the transmitter. Hold them down for roughly 20 seconds. A light will begin flashing when you do this.

4. Hold down the button that you are going to program on the transmitter until you see a slow flashing begin. This should not take longer than 30 seconds. For the next step, you will need to keep the button pressed down.

5. Take the handheld transmitter that you are holding in your other hand and aim it directly at the flashing light. Make sure you are around two inches away. Push the handheld transmitter’s operating button. At this point, the light will start flashing more rapidly. This means you have successfully entered the frequency. You can then release both buttons.

6. Having a person help you with this step will make it easier. Get a ladder and look at the receiver for the garage door opener. This is the motor in the garage. Press the button that has a light beside it that flashes after the button is pressed. If the light stays on, your opener is properly programmed and it should work. If the light flashes, the following step must be performed in 30 seconds.

7. Your key should still be turned to ACC in your car. Press the button on the in-car transmitter that you programmed before for three seconds. Release the button, then press it again for three seconds. If your door will still not move, press it for another three seconds. You will know your door is programmed when it finally moves. If you are having trouble programming the door, unplug the receiver for 60 seconds, then repeat the process. Make sure you have put in the handheld transmitter battery the right way.