How to Reset Your Electric Garage Door Opener

Having an electric, automatic garage door can be a huge convenience. This is especially true for those who prefer to keep their vehicles stored in a garage to protect them from the outside elements. However, unlike a manual garage door, electric garage doors come with a higher inherent risk of mechanical problems. This is because automatic garage doors come equipped with more moving parts, making the possibility of a malfunction more likely than with a basic manual garage door.


There are many things that can potentially go wrong with an electric garage door opener. Perhaps the opener does not seem to be working or making any connection with the actual door at all. On the other hand, the door may begin to close but stop midway through the process. Another common problem with electric garage door openers is that of the door opening by itself. All of these can become serious and frustrating issues that any home owner will want to have fixed as soon as possible. Fortunately, the main cause of many automatic garage door problems is the electric opener itself; these can usually be quickly reset and should then begin working properly again in no time.

If you think that your electric garage door opener needs to be reset, the good news is that you can likely do this on your own in just a matter of minutes by following some simple steps. Of course, specific steps can vary based on the manufacturer of the garage door and opener itself, so be sure to refer to the manual if you become confused at any point.

Reset Garage Door Opener

The first thing you will likely need to do in order to reset your garage door is to unplug it or shut off the breaker that it is connected to. This will shut off power to the door entirely. From there, you should wait at least ten seconds before turning the power to the door itself back on. Next, use your remote and press the “down” arrow on it until the door closes completely. At this point, you should press the “set” key on the remote to set this position as the “closed” position. Next, do the same thing with the “up” arrow, making sure to stop the door approximately six inches from the door opener. At this point, you can press the “set” button once again and the problem should be solved.

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