How To Open a Garage Door With a Broken Spring

Garage doors are one of the most important parts of a house that should be functioning. Maintaining these doors every month is very essential to add more life to them and make them last longer. But like other things, some parts of the garage door would eventually snap out and break due to constant usage and may require a replacement.

The spring is the most common part to break. It is responsible for supporting and lifting the heavy weight of the door, making it easier to be opened manually. A broken spring is the most unwanted thing a homeowner would ever want to happen especially during weekdays when everybody is busy and needs to rush to school and work. It is not advisable to open the garage until the broken parts of the door has been replaced.

However, when a car is trapped inside, then it must be opened; otherwise, taking a cab or bus would be the only option left. Opening it would require help from another adult person or should be done by technicians. And every attempt in opening it, safety precautions should always be the first thing in mind. Never rely on garage entry openers when the spring is broken since it can cause falls and accidents. If the homeowner is not confident to open it or has no time to do it, it is always wise to call a technician.


Important things needed to open a garage entry with broken spring:

• Two ladders (6-foot or higher)

These two ladders serve as stoppers when the roller is fully opened. If the roller will not be supported by a stopper, it would only shut back since the spring is broken and can no longer support the door’s heavy weight.

• Two pieces of pries bar or a pry bar

Pries bars are crowbar tools that will be used for pulling up the rollers to open it initially.

• Two pairs of mole wrench

These vice grips will be used as a stopper when rollers are being raised.

• Extra working force from a neighbor

Opening a 300 pound door is a difficult and dangerous task for a single person. For this reason, an extra hand would be needed.

How to open a garage with broken spring:

1. Place one ladder on each side of the garage’s entry. Both persons must take one side and position the ladders in a way that it can be easily grabbed when the roller is fully opened.

2. After placing the ladders on each side, each person must insert the pry bars on both sides. Position the pry bars on the corners of both sides in between the floor and the end of the door.

3. Slowly pull the roller up together using the pry bars to open it initially. Expect it to be heavy and difficult to open since the support of the weight is broken.

4. Clamp the mole wrenches on each end of the roller.

5. When it is initially raised, use both hands to lift and fully open it.

6. Alternately place the ladders on each side to maintain balance and to avoid dropping the rollers off.

7. Lower the rollers when the ladders are in place. When it slips off the hand, never attempt to stop it using a foot. It would only cause injury and more damage.

When the car and other important equipment have been taken out, immediately remove the broken springs and replace it. The newly bought springs must be compatible with the door for it to function properly. Never attempt to close it without proper help and precaution and never leave it open if the supports are not stable. Always remember to call the technicians to ensure safety.