Garage Door…Eye Sore, No More

new garage door denver

The garage door may not be at the top of your home improvement list, but it certainly should be. A sizable portion of your front facade, it makes more of an impact than fancy windows and even your front door. If it is dated and worn, the entire house can look sad and tired. However, you can update your home and add beauty with a new garage door that is also energy efficient. Here are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy when you have a door installed.

Make the Home Warmer with Insulated Options

Your garage becomes another layer of insulation for the home. If it is cold enough to keep the milk chilled, then you are letting that cold air pour into your home whenever you enter the garage. With a quality insulated model, however, you will help prevent drastic temperature fluctuations in one of the largest rooms of your home. With a good seal and insulated panels, your garage will warm up by several degrees. This will make it easier to keep the main house warm.

Use Less Electricity with a Quality Model and Opener

The more your opener has to strain to pull the door up, the more electricity you will burn every time it moves. A modern model installed by Denver area professionals will roll easily on the wheels and move up and down the tracks smoothly. It takes less energy to open and close a new system, and that’s good news for your electric bill. If you have an older opener, this is the perfect time to replace it. Older garage door openers are not as energy efficient, and they often lack important safety features. Move yourself up to a better, modern opener that will keep your family safe and use less electricity in the process.

Better Security for the Family

If your current door is broken or not functioning properly, then it may not be providing much security for your family. With a new garage door and opener, you can be sure it will operate as it should, when it should. Parking inside will be faster and easier; and this safer for you and the family. Criminals will also have a harder time breaking in when your home is equipped with a modern garage door.


Aesthetics for Greater Curb Appeal

Finally, you can improve the curb appeal of your Denver area home by investing in a new garage door. It will add a new and fresh look to your home. You can select a different style to alter this look and help you stand out from the neighbors. Add windows to let some natural light into the garage, or choose a carriage-style model to make the entire home feel more traditional. Regardless of what you choose, your home will look more attractive and add value to your home when you invest in a fresh look for the largest opening to your home.

When you are ready to make an improvement to your home, do not neglect the garage door. This is an area people will notice, and you can make it more attractive with the right additions. In addition to improving the aesthetics, you can also make your Denver area home more energy efficient and secure in the process. Call Mile High Garage today! to see how we can help you improve your home with this important and affordable renovation.