Your Garage Door? Yep, There Is An App For That!

Automatic garage openers can save you a significant amount of time and effort each day by opening and closing this important door for you. Whether you have a stylish aluminum model or a heavier wood model of door, you likely need to open and close it numerous times each day. This may be where you park your car while at home, where you store lawn and garden equipment, where the family keeps their bikes and sporting equipment and more. Both aluminum and wood models, however, can be cumbersome to lift as well as to close on your own, but the right openers can easily open and close it for you in an automated and hassle-free way. If you are in the market today for a new model to replace your existing model that is on its last leg or you are interested in installing a model in your Denver area home for the first time, you may consider installing one of the latest and greatest models available

Technological Advances

You may have heard that phrase, “There’s an app for that!” numerous times in recent years. With over 300,000 apps currently available for download, it does indeed seem as though there is a smartphone app for just about everything. The fact is that technology has advanced with garage opener as well. Now, there are smartphone apps that allow you to open and close this portal through the app. You could be anywhere in the Denver area, across the state or beyond, and you can use your app to control who has access to your home.

How It Works

There are various models available to choose from, and the features do vary slightly. With many of the models, you must be standing within a certain number of feet of your home in order use your smartphone to open and close the door. However, you can use the app to control who can use the app. For example, if you have someone arriving with a special delivery at a time when you are not able to be there, you can use the app from anywhere in the Denver area or beyond to give that person access to your garage. The other person will need to download the app for access. With many of these devices, you can control who has access as well as when access is granted.

Real-Life Applications

These openers allow you to use your smartphone in the Denver area and beyond to control who has access to your home and when. This is ideal if you regularly have a cleaning service arrive, as you can give the cleaning crew access for a certain day and time each week. Furthermore, the application can be used to monitor who used the device and when. You may be concerned that your teenager didn’t go to school in the morning after you left for work or that you left your garage door open after you left for work. With a quick look at your smartphone app, you can get all of the information you need to feel secure throughout the day.

When considering upgrading your existing model or installing a new model for the first time, it is important to review all of the openers available and to compare the features against each other. The openers with accessibility through a Smartphone app can enhance your functionality and usage of your door. Because of this, many across the Denver area who are upgrading or installing a new model for the first time are making the decision to invest in the latest technology. Mile High Garage can help you select the model that is best for your family and home needs.