Denver Weather Extremes Can Damage Garage Door Springs

denver-weather-garage-door-springsIf you live in Denver, you’re probably familiar with the adage “if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes and it will change!” While this weather volatility certainly makes living in the Mile High City interesting, weather extremes and even seasonal changes can wreak havoc on your home, and, perhaps surprisingly, on your garage door.

Garage Door Springs

It’s easy to overlook garage doors when thinking about the impact of seasonal changes on your home because they rarely cause trouble. Typical door springs are generally rated to last at least 10,000 cycles (a cycle is one full opening and closing action) and, with “normal” use, will last between 7 to 12 years. While manufactured to withstand a variety of temperatures and climate conditions, springs are not indestructible and can be weakened and become brittle when exposed to extreme temperature variations season after season. Failure occurs when the steel becomes fatigued and eventually cracks and breaks. In fact, industry veterans note that even a modest (for Denver!) temperature drop of 10 degrees can result in an increase of reported door spring failures.

Denver Temperatures

Temperatures in Denver can be volatile all year round, but, statistically, door-related failures are more likely to occur in the autumn or winter months. In Denver, fall is often characterized by warm days and cool nights, along with the inevitable fall snowstorm followed by mild fall weather and a later hard freeze! All of these weather extremes can combine to stress previously worn springs to their breaking point.

Changes in the typical use patterns can also impact the rate of door failures. Garage use often increases dramatically in the fall, when kids go back to school and many extra-curricular activities begin. Cooler weather often necessitates bringing cars and bicycles that may live outside during the summer months back into the garage at night. All of this garage door activity puts additional stress on the door.

There is no way to predict exactly when a garage door spring failure may occur, but savvy Denver homeowners can minimize potential damage and safety concerns by having their garage doors inspected and maintained at least once a year, preferably prior to the fall season.