Garage Door Systems

The garage door buying process can be a bit cumbersome at times with lots of energy and time devoted to identifying and purchasing the right one for your home. The multitude of parts needed to construct a working system can include anything from springs, tracks, rollers and even the opener itself. Given the fact that there are so many working parts involved, the individual home owner should refer to a specialist for help with such a project.

There are two standard options for garage doors that your typical home owner can choose from. One is the tilt-up style, which basically lifts a single unit up into a pivot track. These were more common years ago before newer technology came around. Tilt-up style systems have a very clean looking appearance and can be very appealing to the eye, making them an aesthetic pleasure for home-attached parking. However, tilt-up systems require there to be a decent amount of clearance space in front of them so as not to hit any parked vehicles or other items in the immediate area. Additionally, weather can play a factor with this style due to the fact that a tilt-up unit is not going to have the same ability to be weather tight when closed. Air and daylight will often be able to make it into the building, which will then lead to the chance of water entering as well.

Common Garage Doors

The most common style of garage door is the roll up unit. It employs rollers, tracks and springs in the process. These parts function greatly together and can provide a stable, weather tight and optimal open and close process for any garage in all sizes. Roll up garage doors and the opener do have an expected life span. Some doors and openers can last for decades while systems that are opened regularly or constantly in the case of a business could need to be replaced after only a few years of use. Anything from a spring busting, a roller coming off track, tracks rusting and failing or the opener itself failing can be reasons for the replacement of the garage door system. Often times, the springs are the first items to break. Hiring a professional is highly recommended for such an issue due to the danger involved with installing a spring with the extreme amount of pressure each coil packs. One of the cheaper repairs is replacing the rollers. Plastic rollers are often installed in place of metal style pieces, which will often cut down on the noise level as an added bonus.

Garage Door Lifting Methods

Within the opener itself, there are different lifting methods which can be installed. There are three basic lift methods. The chain lift uses what can be compared to a bicycle chain, which is powered by a motor and rotates while raising the unit. The next option is the belt driven system. This system is the quietest, thereby making it a great option for attached parking areas, especially those with rooms built above them. However, one drawback to the belt driven style is that since it is made of rubber, it can fail sooner than other garage door opener units. The final lift method is via the use of a screw driven lift. It falls within the middle tier of noise making systems and basically turns as it opens.

There are multiple options available for anyone who needs a new system to be installed. It is always recommended to hire a professional for any type of installation as there are dangers with each different system. It is also recommended due to the fact that many homeowners insurance will not cover self-installed units in the event that some part of it fails and more significant damage does occur. Mile High Garage offers all of these services at a great price with a professional touch.