Energy Effiency and Your Garage Door

With the high cost of energy bills, home owners need to utilize every economical improvement that can save energy. One critical area that is often neglected is the garage. Is it possible to make it more energy efficient? The wind can blow right through thin doors and holes in the walls. Heating and air conditioning seep right out. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep the temperature more regulated? Home owners often experience drastic temperature fluctuations within their garage. Poor garage temperature regulation discourages its use as a work space and can limit its role as a storage space.

You can encourage efficiency through several means. First, you may want to replace the bulb in your opener with a high efficiency, low watt bulb. Second, you can have the opening resealed and the area insulated against the cold. Finally, you may want an insulated, steel door to replace your current garage door. This keeps the outside temperature from ruining the interior temperature. Since an attached garage shares walls with the home, this will keep your home better insulated as well.

A wooden garage door is often too thin and too poorly insulated for any protection against the wind, heat or cold. Wood and many older metal doors may allow air to flow through the cracks. You may even feel a draft through the door. This indicates a problem with the door itself. If you feel it from the edges, it is likely from poor insulation.

Sometimes your garage door may just require a section to be replaced or maybe the door needs a bent track restored to its proper angle. and many times. a new, insulated, steel replacement garage door will fix the problem. Maintaining a better temperature not only makes it nicer when you get in or out of your car, it will also protect storage items from damage due to heat or cold. Even a new garage door opener is more energy efficient when compared to older models. Adding insulation or weather stripping around the edges of your garage door may be the answer, especially if you let an expert help you.

For more information on garage efficiency, talk to our experts at Mile High Garage for all of your garage door needs. We can replace the entire apparatus or repair broken sections, springs, cables, tracks, rollers, hinges, and bearings. We supply and install new openers. Don’t let your energy bills continue to escalate. Mile High Garage can help make your home more energy efficient!