Routine Garage Door Maintenance

One of the most important investments in life is a home, and for this reason, a homeowner should take good care of it so that it can last for a long time. However, there are times when some take it for granted and forget to give it a check simply because everything seems to be functioning well. You must remember though that prevention is better than cure. Take the garage door as an example. If it gets damaged, it could be costly to repair it. Also, this can cause injury or damage to property. More over, it can cause security problems. So, to avoid all these consequences and costs of repairs, it is best to consider routine garage door maintenance. While a homeowner can do simple repairs, a professional is needed to repair the more complicated issues.

Ways to Maintain a Garage Door

For starters, clean it regularly.
Use a mild detergent and soft car brush to clean it. Avoid harmful chemicals and abrasive cleansers that may scrape and weaken its surface. Regular washing removes corrosive elements and salt, preventing the buildup of debris that can cause damage. Always sweep away leaves and particles in the area in between the door and floor or better yet, use a hose to further wash away any fragments left.

Grease the movable parts of the door.
Spray lubricating oil on the rollers, hinges, and other parts that cause the doors to move. Springs should likewise be coated with a lubricant every season. This will allow the door’s rollers to slide smoothly along the tracks. Also, this will allow them to work efficiently and prevent the rollers from getting stuck up.

Check if the door opener is starting to make a loud sound.
Due to regular use, the door opener may start to make a sound, and this will get louder each time. This may mean that your doors are not balanced, and the springs need to be adjusted.

See to it that the doors can close properly.
The latest garage doors come with features that may prevent them from closing if there are impediments within the doorway. Check the light of the opener, and when it is blinking, one of the sensors that are attached to the bottom of the tracks may be misaligned. This just needs to be adjusted until the door closes.

See to it that you can open the door.
When the doors do not open, this may mean that the springs are broken. On the other hand, there may be a problem with the motor unit itself. Fortunately, most circuits come with an overload protector. If you have a tripped circuit, it needs to be reset. This will allow it to work again in a few minutes.

If you have wooden doors, follow the recommendations of manufacturers.
As per advice of manufacturers, the interior and exterior parts of the door should be painted. The exteriors have to be repainted at least once every couple years. This will prevent warping due to moisture.

Check if there are any loose hardware parts on the door.
If there are any lose screws, bolts, and nuts, they should certainly be tightened. This will keep the doors aligned and in the tracks.

When repairs require the expertise of a professional, hire the services of a reputable repair company that specializes in garage doors like Mile High Garage. This way, you will be able to maintain the beauty and function of your home.