Garage Door Opener Buying Guide

There are various benefits associated with installing a garage door opener. It is quite useful during weather adversities where homeowners do not need to get out of their cars to open the doors. They are also security devices since they prevent a forced entries into the garage area.

Getting the right opener for your garage door can be a laborious process for first-time buyers. There are certain things to remember while on the shopping endeavor. The following facts should guide the shopping process:

Types of Openers

While scouring the market for the perfect product, it is important to remember there are different kinds of these door devices. They include belt drive, screw drive and chain drive. Each of them operates differently from the other; a thorough comparison is needed when searching for the right device. In this regard, homeowners must compare the prices and advantages of each of the devices.

Furthermore, the shopping process should be guided by the different controls for the devices. These controls range from one-button to multiple buttons. Homeowners should preferably go for the latter when they have two or three cars. Another option as it pertains to controls would be to go for LED-based, which are often efficient at alerting homeowners about any errors in the devices.


Another point for consideration are the safety features that come with the desired devices. In most cases, these openers have standard sensors that stop the doors from closing down in case there is something or someone in the doorway. Furthermore, these devices have automatic lights that turn on when the garage door opens or closes.

With regards to these safety features, homeowners must ensure they are in good working condition. For instance, the sensors should be tested regularly. The controls should also be installed on higher grounds so that the young ones cannot reach them. The gate balance should be tested to ensure that it operates perfectly.

Additional Features

Most garage door openers come embedded with additional features. One of these features is the manual emergency release (generally a cord coming from the opener itself), which would come in handy during a power outage. In this case, the homeowner manually opens the door after first engaging the release. And if some sort of malfunction occurs, the manual release could also be helpful.

Some openers also have features that enable them to open faster. This way, the driver can save on time. All of these devices have motors that run on DC current especially in cases where the home is located below a living area. For additional safety, a Force Guard Control would be necessary since it regulates the amount of force used to open the doors.

Finding the right garage door opener is often a decision homeowners do not labor over until it needs attention. With a small amount of research, you can find the garage door opener that best suites you and your home.

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