Parts Is Parts

Although garages may seem rather simple, they are actually complicated systems requiring the coordination of many separate parts. By understanding the function of each part, you will be better prepared to address any issues should they arise.


A garage opener works by using two primary types of springs. Extension springs provide the strength the opener needs to open and close. They are typically located on the walls to either side of the entrance.

The second type of spring, called a tension spring, is designed to wind up when the entrance is closed. This decreases stress on the door opener, increasing longevity. Since these springs are under tremendous tension, they should always be repaired by a professional who is experienced in garage door repair.

Tracks and Rollers

Tracks and rollers are the two parts that enable a garage door to move upward and downward. A typical setup has two sets of tracks: one which is vertical and one that is horizontal. These are connected to rollers. Since both components are used every time the garage opens, they sustain a lot of strain and need to be lubricated frequently.

Photoelectric Eyes…You Know, The Sensors

Photoelectric eyes act as a fail-safe if something is in the path of a closing garage door. If so, they send a signal, stopping the door in its tracks. It will then reverse, allowing for the removal of the offending object. This system is vitally important for safety, as it greatly reduces the risk of inadvertently damaging persons (such as unwary children) and valuable property.

External Entrapment Systems

When photoelectric eyes sense that something is obstructing the entrance, they send a signal to the external entrapment system, which is the mechanism that stops the door from closing. Since both the photoelectric eyes and entrapment system work in tandem, it is vitally important that both are kept in top shape.

Open Indication Monitors

These monitors, which are often installed in homes, signal when the entrance is left open. This alert is invaluable, as an open entrance can expose valuables to the elements, as well as creating a security risk. Many owners enjoy receiving this important information without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Wireless Remotes

Wireless remotes can be used to raise and lower your entrance, as well as controlling other devices such as televisions and lighting systems.

Proper maintenance and repair is vital as the failure in even one component can lead to disaster. Contact Mile High Garage Today! for all of your repair and installation needs.