Tips for Purchasing A Garage Door

A garage door is as important to the appearance of your house as the roof, the paint job and the architectural style. It can affect safety aspects of your home as well. Most garages occupy a large amount of space on the façade of your home, so it makes sense to choose a door that matches the style. Mile High Garage offers a wide range of different styles and designs that give you a choice to suit your home.

An attractive garage door is especially important if you are planning to put your house on the market. Realtors like to show homes that have “curb appeal” so potential buyers want to see what is on the inside. Even if you plan to stay in your home for years to come, you can enjoy parking your car behind a door that works well and is an attractive accent for your home.

Garage Door Architecture

Our experts here at Mile High Garage can help you decide on what kind of architectural design fits best with your home. If you have a frame home, then a wood door may adapt well to the overall appearance of your house. Wood is forgiving when your kids throw a soccer ball against it, and it does not show a dent if your bumper gets just a little bit too close. It is not the most durable if you are looking for something that can last for many years. But if you want something that is beautiful and looks elegant, then you may enjoy choosing wood. If you can spend some time repainting or refinishing it, then you can probably extend its lifespan by a few years.

You may want to have additional security by using steel to close the opening to your garage. Steel does not require the kind of maintenance that wood does, though it can rust if it gets scratched. To prevent rust, you need to sand the scratch and apply a sealant so the rust does not cause a more serious problem. A scratch that rusts makes it unsightly, so that is one maintenance task that you may have to perform. Our guys at Mile High Garage may find a steel product that has an exterior layer of fiberglass that can help prevent rust problems and keep the surface free of imperfections.

Lightweight Garage Door

Aluminum is a popular material that is very lightweight and it does not rust. Like other types of material, it is available in a range of prices that we can get for you. One of the nice advantages of using aluminum is that advances in technology have made it possible for it to look like wood. With durable finishes and wood-grain effects on the surface, aluminum can offer a unique look that you and your family may enjoy having as part of your home’s exterior. It does have a tendency to show dents, so that is something to consider when you make a purchasing decision.

Mile High Garage has spent years developing a reputation for doing quality work at affordable prices. As a Colorado company, we know how the weather here can affect the door you have now as well as one that you may consider as a replacement. We take pride in the record of customer satisfaction that we have established in our community, and our clients know that we stand behind our work 100 percent. We are not satisfied with your job until you are, and we stay on it until you are happy. You can count on Mile High Garage to provide the best garage door installation anywhere.